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Myrthe van de Weetering

I still remember the exact moment when my fascination for music and visuals started. When I was seven years old, I saw a TV show that demonstrated the narrative power of music. I witnessed how music could transform a mundane clip of a man walking round a corner from a relaxed stroll into an intense thriller.

I was hooked.

A decade later, I started my studies as a composer, eventually specializing in cinematographic music during my Composition Master. Today, I divide my time between composing music for documentaries, commercials and theatre and performing as a violin player.


A man and a woman.
A lens between them.
Discouraged by life.
Drawn together by lust.
Closer and closer,
until somebody gives in.

Dégoût is a story told through sound and pictures.
A collaboration between composer Myrthe van de Weetering and photographer Maarten Groen.




    I can’t remember when I wasn’t preoccupied with creating images. Drawing, painting, photographing, shooting films. Ten years ago I co-founded DPPLR, an Amsterdam based production company for which most of my time is spent on directing films and commercials. Nevertheless, I always try to have at least one portfolio photography project at hand.

    Dégoût was one of these projects. I was inspired by the cinematic and pure feel of contact sheets: a direct print of negatives on photographic paper. I challenged myself in telling a story in one roll of 35mm film. Meticulously planning every single shot, and absolutely no digital retouching allowed. After finishing the contact sheet, I felt it needed to be accompanied by music. I asked Myrthe to compose a track, or maybe a couple. I remember her call almost half a year later: “Maarten, you need to come over, I composed a record for Dégoût…”